Sleep ritual

Tranquility ™ Sleep Ritual - allows the mind to "disconnect"

A new treatment to enjoy deep relaxation

A treatment involving three different sensory pathways to counteract the stress of everyday life. . The treatment - originally designed to combat jet lag - involves smell, touch and hearing to achieve deep relaxation, which was absolutely necessary - according to recent scientific studies - to keep body and mind healthy.

Tranquility ™ Sleep Ritual uses the principles of aromatherapy, the opening with the blend and the use of oil and massage cream to stimulate the limbic system and achieve complete wellness status.

To accompany the ritual there is the Tranquility ™ Sound, a music specially made for the purpose, which keeps a slow and constant rhythm, creating a hypnotic effect on the mind: precisely the repetitiveness of the music allows the mind to "disconnect", because it is incapable to find something new to listen or rework. The attention threshold is lowered and thoughts stop bouncing from one corner of the head to the other.

The sounds and smells merge with a massage inspired by Ayurvedic medicine and Indonesian Sea Malay massage. Delicate passages and geometric techniques and movements created with tools such as flat brushes or feathers are added to the traditional manipulations of western massage therapy, capable of promoting relaxation by stimulating the most superficial nerve fibers including the so-called C fibers, among the most effective in relaxing the mind.

Each session of Tranquility ™ Sleep Ritual lasts 75 minutes and has no contraindications (it is not recommended only for pregnant women due to the use of essential oils): it is recommended to combat stress, sleep disturbances, anxiety and the consequences due to the time zone change (treatment is recommended after 17:00).

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