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Anti-age specialist - Beauty Center - Lugano


Reshape your body - now it's possible!

T-SHAPE 2 The latest HIGH TECH technology that contrasts and fights cellulite, skin laxity and localized adiposity. IN A SINGLE TREATMENT FOUR TECHNOLOGIES ACT SIMULTANEOUSLY (4in1) The bipolar radiofrequency creates a thermal heat that promotes cell regeneration. It also strongly stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin. The skin appears [...]

Online agenda, are your data safe?

Why this question? Because Caracalla relies on FRESHA, an application for beauty centers that manages all the administration and agenda data, therefore all the data of our customers. These days an Italian proposal of the FRESHA version has arrived, very interesting and captivating. I became interested in this new [...]

Accelerated aging thanks to fine powders

The skin of our face is attacked daily so a correct facial cleansing routine keeps you young for a long time. Prevention is better than cure, even when it comes to skin. The habit of a correct daily cleansing of the face can work real miracles in terms of contrasting aging and protecting [...]