Definitive body hair removal

What is definitive epilation?

When we talk about definitive hair removal we talk about Laser or IPL Pulsed Light. It must be said that there are two similar permanent hair removal methods with the same goal, that of progressively atrophying the dermal papilla.

Scientific studies speak of an 80% removal in the treated area for the first 6 months, which reaches peaks of 85% for the first year, then returning to 70-80% for the second year.

Whether we like it or not, hair has a very specific function for our body so in good health conditions our hair assets are kept constant by the hormonal system.

For this reason, once a satisfactory result has been achieved with the photoepilation treatment, it is necessary to provide maintenance treatments which obviously will be much less frequent than those carried out in the initial period.

In addition to active hair follicles, there are millions of them dormant. Logically, during the photoepilation treatment it is possible to act only on active hair follicles.

So to maintain a result over time it is necessary to schedule maintenance sessions to target the hair follicles that are activated after the treatments

What is IPL pulsed light SHR?

SHR translates Super Hair Removal. So a definitive epilation technique with great success.

In this system incorporates the experience of laser technology with the advantages of the pulsed light method, combined and assembled in SHR technology. In this way, exceptional results are achieved without complications and without pain. Even blonde or partially white hair, which until now was difficult or impossible to remove, can finally be treated.

Unlike classic laser or IPL hair removal, with the new SHR technology, hair follicles are heated gradually with a high rate of impulse repetition, but with a lower energy peak.

The new "in Motion" system is an important step forward in permanent hair removal with pulsed light. Thanks to the integrated cooling system, Il treatment is much more comfortable than conventional systems, such as IPL, laser or hair removal needle, the skin is better protected.

What does a complete treatment include?

- Epilation of the affected area with personalized advice

- BODY treatment: 8-12 IPL sessions on average according to the affected area with an IPL treatment every 21 or 28 days

Our prices per session:

What factors can condition or influence the result?

As is the case with all permanent hair removal systems, individual genetic and family factors induce the follicles, activating them, to produce the hair.

In other words, every human being has about the same number of hair follicles, scattered on his body, but only a part of them is functionally active, others are silent and therefore do not produce hair.

For example, the particularly hairy back of a man differs from that of another tendingly hairless only for the different number of active follicles and not for the total number of follicles which, on the other hand, is similar in both.

Silent follicles that do not produce hair can be activated both for physiological reasons and following the induction of factors such as taking medications (for example cortisone and cyclosporine) or pathologies, especially those of endocrine origin that are responsible for hormonal production.

The results of the definitive epilation are always very personal, but under the premise that the treatment protocol has been carried out just in general +/- these success values ​​apply:





with Laser

up to 80%


with IPL

up to 80%

up to 50%

Therefore, the definitive adjective is not correct and must be replaced by a permanent one, i.e. the result obtained remains over time on the treated active follicles.

After a correct course of treatment, cyclical maintenance sessions are necessary to consolidate these results.

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