Cellulite - but is it possible to solve this pathology?

Lugano - Girls puts you in peace: Fighting cellulite becomes a life project - never give up.

The causes

Nutrition, smoking, sedentary life. But also hormonal imbalances, oral contraception and genetic predisposition. Many causes of cellulite, but how many solutions?

Orange peel skin, water retention, cellulitis, lipodystrophy. These are the ways (sometimes used improperly) to define those imperfections of the thighs and buttocks that afflict about 85 percent of the female population.

Hormonal balance affects the woman throughout her life and, in particular, the appearance of the skin is linked to the estrogen-progestin balance.

Estrogen and progestogens in fact, besides being responsible for water retention and adipose accumulation consequently, may also contribute to the formation of skin changes such as microcysts, tissue gloss and changes in the hydrolipidic film that protects the skin.

We offer the Anti-cellulite shock treatment consisting of

  1. Pressotherapy against water retention
  2. Shockwaves against adiposity localized with technology WaveCell
  3. RF, LPG and LIPO-LASER radio frequency treatment with technology Ultra Shape (3in1)
  4. Sludge with / without infrared IR
  5. Bandages with / without infrared IR
  6. Manual massages

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