Oily or acne-prone skin


The accumulation of corneal cells close to the follicular orifice interferes negatively with the outflow of the sebum which is blocked. This obstruction of the glandular secretion gives rise to the formation of the blackhead and then subsequently can lead to an expansion of the follicle and the proliferation of P. acnes (Propion bacterium acnes), with the formation of papules or pustules.

The use of Glycolic Acid, reducing cellular bonds, progressively removes the obstruction of the follicle caused by corneal cells, thus allowing the sebum to escape.

By using Glycolic Acid 2 times a day, even at home concentration, the following effects are obtained:

• reduction of the formation of new comedones

• emptying the pustules

• improvement of the effect of locally applied anti-acne drugs, as it reopens the follicular canal

Unlike Benzoylperoxide and Retinoic Acid, Glycolic Acid is much less irritating and can be used on acne inflammation without aggravating it.

Some people with acne get amazing results after 7-10 days, especially if the treatment at home is supported by that in the Institute.

In most cases, the results are very evident after 3/4 weeks of application at home.
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