YUMI LASHES - Eyelash lamination WITH KERATIN

YUMI LASHES - The curvature of the eyelashes or also called eyelash lamination with keratin in Lugano

The YUMI ™ LASHES eyelash treatment is a real revolution in the world of beauty.

Instead of making traditional permanents that simply curl the eyelashes YUMI ™ LASHES not only curves the lashes considerably upwards but gives length, height and volume thus allowing you to have longer and thicker lashes immediately and for two months without any need to take special daily care.

For a look of NATURAL BEAUTY - Perfect eyes without make-up. Always beautiful, even as soon as you get out of bed,… .. in the evening then forget the eye make-up remover. Ideal for travel!

Unlike the classic permanent that curves the lashes (with curlers), the facelift stretches them upwards making them appear immediately longer, fuller and fuller. Upon request, a curative treatment could be added to KERATIN with restructuring substances, so the eyelashes are also nourished and strengthened. The treatment must be repeated after about 6 weeks. It is a chemical treatment.

TIME of Treatment 60 ″ minutes

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